Travel IN Seville

The city bus network is based around of four lines- C-1 , C-2, C-3, C-4- which follow circular routes, following the circular road networks of the city. Four transversal lines and a series of radial lines which lead into the centre from the four points of the compass complete the bus network. The main bus stops are located in the Plaza Nueva and the Plaza de la Encarnación (both in the historic center), La Barqueta and the Prado de San Sebastián.

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EA (Airport bus line)

The EA bus line connects Seville’s San Pablo Airport with the city center. The bus stops close to the Santa Justa train station, the Prado de San Sebastian regional bus station and the Tram stop adjacent to the Prado. The closest stop to the city center is Avda. Del Cid. From this stop one can walk 2 – 3 minutes and take the Tram further into the city center.